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Powerworld: Powerworld

With a name like Powerworld, can you guess what kind of music you will hear? Yes, this is straight forward German melodic power and heavy metal. Powerworld was conceived by ex-Freedom Call bassist, Ilker Ersin. Mr. Ersin recruited some of metal's best to accomplish Powerworld including Jürgen Lucas (At Vance) on drums, Barish Kepic (Jaded Heart) on guitars and Chitral 'Chitty' Somapala (Firewind, Civilization One), one of my favorite metal vocalists. I guess things didn't work out with Mr. Somapla for he was replaced shortly by the relatively unknown and young, Steffen Brunner. The result is everything that you love about melodic metal. This self-titled debut will not break any new boundaries, yet it is very good music.

The project is filled with blazing guitars, soaring vocals and a dandy rhythm section. The songs are relatively short in comparison to other works. The only epic number, 'Breaking The Silence,' barely clocks in at six minutes; it's a very good song. But being consistent and concise can easily mark a band as being both efficient and provocative. Listen for some good tunes on this album like 'Fight Fire With Fire,' 'Dancing With The Angels,' solid metal with some great guitar licks, 'Your World Is Not Mine,' a steady composition with s great vocal arrangement and a solid rhythm especially from the drums, and also, the aforementioned 'Breaking The Silence,' where Mr. Brunner shows his skills and true promise . Additionally, Powerworld covers the Cutting Crew song, (I Just) Died In Your Arms.' It's interesting, but not necessarily compelling.

Again, I don't think Powerworld will burst the gates of the power metal genre, but for a first effort this is solid material. The songs are varied and the production strong. Look forward to a great future. Recommended!
  - Craig Hartranft

In Short

Powerworld is just that: basic German melodic heavy/power metal. This is good music in the genre with some good and varied compositions and terrific production. Even though this is a good first work, I doubt whether it's going to make a significant dent in this overcrowded genre. Still, it is fine music.

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