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Pleasure Dome: For Your Personal Amusement
Melodic Hard Rock
Rating: 4.5/5.0

Pleasure Dome is a new band created from some familiar faces in the melodic rock world. Ted Poley (vocals), David Tsien (guitars), Charlie Calv (keyboards), Ed Avila (bass) and John Hummel (drums). Of course, the name that jumps out is that of Ted Poley, best known for his vocal work with Danger Danger. Calv, Avila, and Hummel have roots in Shotgun Symphony. Tsien worked with Calv in relatively obscure band called Skin Tag. Together, with these strong foundations they have formed Pleasure Dome. Pleasure Dome first tested the waters in 2004 with the recording of 'Always Tomorrow' and 'One and Only' (found in its original form on the Melodic CD 2 - The Beast Inside). But 2007 was the year that Pleasure Dome would pull all things together.

'For Your Personal Amusement' is loaded with great melodic hard rock having Poley's ever strong vocals surrounded by terrific arrangements, great melodies, and some fiery guitar work. There are some fabulous rockers on this work like the opener 'Trapped' and the thrilling 'Love Is A Game' where Poley's vocals are complimented by a female accompaniment. Then there is strong and moving ballad 'Praying For A Miracle' that may remind you of Poison or possibly Cinderella. Pleasure Dome moves easily between the soft and hard edges of melodic rock. 'I Won't Cry' is a perfect example of this. Even more, Pleasure Dome will surprise you with the mysterious and delightful sounds of 'Seems Like A Dream.' Finally, '(Who Will) Save The World' is another strong rocker with a great melody and great keyboards. After 'Love Is A Game,' it's the next best song on the album. The only drawback on this work is the inclusion of the intro and outro. I would have much rather had two more full songs than this dribble. But it still does not detract from the overall viability of the work.

I hope we will hear more from Pleasure Dome in the future. This is a talented and experienced group of musicians producing some fine melodic hard rock. (But they've got to get better cover art for any future album.) 'For Your Personal Amusement' should be on your 'must buy' list. Highly recommended.
   - Craig Hartranft

In Short

Formed around Danger Danger vocalist Ted Poley, Pleasure Dome offers solid and and extremely entertaining melodic rock. 'For Your Personal Amusement' easily moves between the soft and hard borders of melodic rock. Pleasure Dome was a band that was meant to be. Let's hope for more: great music!

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