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Paradox: Electrify
Thrash/Heavy/Power Metal
Rating: 4.0/5.0

German thrashers Paradox have one simple thing going for them: consistency. Paradox performs classic thrash metal that borders on melodic power metal. And they are very good at it. Their history dates back to 1986, near the height of the great thrash and speed metal of the likes of Metallica and Megadeth. Paradox has not lost a single beat; there music is blessing of history and perseverance in a genre that they love. 'Electrify' does exactly that: it electrifies this bona fide genre. Honestly, I'm thinking they do this better than their peers and predecessors, certainly much better than the latest trash from Metallica (specifically, St. Anger).

From the beginning you are charmed and charged by speedy rhythms and thrilling guitar work. I would even say, if there is such a category, Paradox moves into some 'progressive' thrash metal on the likes of 'Hyperspeed Hallucinations.' Yet this song is just what you would expect: full throttle speed metal nearly veering out of control. 'Second Over Third By Force,' the opener, is another classic thrash track that leads you into the breadth of their style. Other great tracks include 'Bridge To The Silence,' just listen to the outro: magnificent; 'Infected' is outrageous, over-the-top, and powerful metal: it has a nearly Slayer quality, brutal but without the simplistic cacophony inherent in Slayer's style. The guitar work just kills. The final cut, 'Cyberspace Romance,' best defines Paradox's style: a heavy mixture of acoustic and metal guitar work in an harmonious relationship and great vocals, too.

Admittedly, I've never been a fan of traditional thrash metal. Of course, early Metallica took me be surprise. But I warmed up to them. When they became more melodic later, I became a true fan. Thrash metal is making a comeback from San Francisco to Europe these days. However, Paradox nails this genre better than most. There are three reasons why I enjoyed 'Electrify': one, there's more melody than you would expect; two, the arrangements are more creative than usual; and three, I really dig Charly Steinhauer's vocals, he's harsh, yet incredibly believable and clear. This is first class metal. Maybe calling them thrash is to pigeon-hole them. There's a lot going on here, certainly more than traditional 'thrash' metal. How this foursome pulls this off is a musical mystery. Headbangers rejoice! This is great metal and very recommended!
  - Craig Hartranft

In Short

Though I love metal, I've never been a big fan of thrash. Paradox easily convinced me that the thrash that I would expect is not what I should expect. Sure, they're often brutal and blistering, but Paradox mystifies with their melodic arrangements and sometimes progressive elements. In the end, this is first class, crackin' thrash, speed, power (whatever you wish to call it) metal. Bang your head!

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