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Fizgig: Out Loud

Fizgig: Out Loud

Melodic Rock/AOR
Rating: 3.5/5.0

Fizgig is a significant, yet unknown, rock band from the American heartland of Iowa. They are significant because, as an American band, they know how to nail classic melodic rock with historic relevance. It's not just the Europeans who delve into the great melodic rock times of the 70's and 80's and then deliver a modern musical perspective. Fizgig does this also. They do it with catchy song compositions, smooth production, and expert musicianship. Unfortunately, these characteristics are not the measure of the whole work that is 'Out Loud.'

I've listened to 'Out Loud' several times now, and I thought it started out strong with 'Party Town.' But this is an excessively long song with too much repetition. The only redeeming note is the guitar solo (if you can find it and remember it: it took me three listens to discover it!). The best stuff follows in the next three songs. 'Take My Hand' has a far better progression than the first number with a great rhythm section and killer guitar work. 'Cryin' Out Loud' benefits from exceptional vocals and a basic melodic rock arrangement. 'What's It Mean?' has a tremendous bass line opener followed by a funky groove and a marvelous guitar solo. This is great stuff and worth the price of the disc.

From here things go south, but not in a bad way. I enjoyed the remaining tracks especially 'Up All Night,' an acoustic driven ballad with steady vocals and its simple yet strong guitar work. Nevertheless, after this, things moved to slow and mundane. 'SRV' presented a conundrum being interesting and boring at the same time (despite its heavier riffs). Finally, 'You And Me' was, honestly, trite and boring.

With all this said, I still think Iowa's Fizgig is on to something special. They have talent and creativity. If they can duplicate the originality of 'Take My Hand' or 'What It Means,' they will be a killer band (even if only respected outside of America). As with most independent submissions to Dangerdog Reviews, I encourage all lovers of melodic rock to check out and support Fizgig.
 - Craig Hartranft

In Short

Iowa's Fizgig delivers melodic rock with talent and precision. This is a fine debut. When Fizgig rocks, they rock! Unfortunately, 'Out Loud' has some ordinary and boring moments at the end. Yet, I still believe they have a bright and prosperous future.   - Craig Hartranft

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