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Pathosray: Pathosray
Progressive/Power Metal
Rating: 4.5/5.0

Pathosray announces on their web site that they may be Italian metal's best kept secret. And they may be right. Severely unknown in Europe (and of course, America), this band and their new self-titled album was on my list of must hear metal. Having secured this work, I'm definitely impressed by the intensity and creativity of Pathosray's combination of progressive and power metal. Pathosray plays with passion and integrity as if this is their first and last work before leaving this earth. 'Pathosray' is powerful stuff.

Though excited to hear this new work, I must admit I was just a little bit skeptical. Italy, progressive metal, power metal: there's nothing new under the sun. Would this be the same derivative stuff from another Italian metal band? No, hardly not. Even though much of this material is from their two previous EPs, this is exceptional music. From the opening number, 'Free Of Doubt' and Gianpaolo Rinaldi's stylish keyboards, and then, the thunderous and melodic following cut, 'Faded Crystal,' I knew I was on to something great. And it gets much better! 'Scent Of Snow,' which you can hear on their My Space site, is a truly epic number combining the strong vocals of Marco Sandron with an impressive arrangement that highlights the skills of all members. 'Sorrow Never Dies,' one of my favorite songs, follows with, again, compelling vocals and soaring guitar work. Alessio Velliscig is to be commended on this song and through out this work for his blazing fret work. This man is good! But, of course, he has a strong band to back him up. Fabio D’Amore on bass and Ivan Moni Bidin on drums play with precision and passion.

The longer 'The Sad Game' proves that Pathosray can deliver fine heavy power metal with progressive nuances. Sandron's vocals are nearly raw and roar from start to finish. Their are shades of Russell Allen and Symphony X pulsing in this song. If you thought that Pathosray are novices at their craft, then listen to 'Strange Kind of Energy,' which is from their 2002 EP. These guys were on the right track from the beginning. Heavy, powerful and melodic: another great song. 'Emerald City' closes the album, an intense number that proves progressive metal can be both heavy and sophisticated at the same time. Again, Mr. Velliscig soars on guitar, and Rinaldi brings beautiful piano work.

Pathosray's self-titled release is a thrilling and creative work. Fellow Italian metal bands should take note. Pathosray has raised the bar for you. This is the beginning of something wonderful. I hope for a long and sterling career. Bravo Pathosray! You have accomplished what few have done in the past: a phenomenal first full-length work. Highly recommended, buy now!
  - Craig Hartranft

In Short

Without doubt, this is some of the finest progressive/power metal I've hear this yeat. Italian band Pathosray has put themselves easily into the same category of peers like Symphony X with one fell stroke. It's heavy, melodic, creative and inspiring in one complete work. Find this album and buy it!

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