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Prime Creation: Tears Of Rage
Prime Creation - Tears Of Rage Music Review

Prime Creation: Tears Of Rage

Heavy/Power Metal

This is my first introduction to Sweden's Prime Creation, so a little history is needed. Rising from the demise of Morifade, another Swedish metal band, Prime Creation features ex-Morifade members Robin Arnell (lead guitar), Henrik Weimedal (bass), and Kim Arnell (drums). In advance of their 2016 self-titled debut album they added Esa Englund ($ilverdollar, Hellshaker) on vocals. Now Prime Creation returns with their latest and second album Tears Of Rage which features new rhythm guitarist Rami Tainamo.

Prime Creation - Click For Larger Image

Prime Creation

I'll try to make my words brief as I wasn't all that fond of this album. Essentially, Prime Creation plays Scandi heavy power metal. In a past review of their first, one listener thought the band was emulating Evergrey. He may have been on to something with that observation. The Prime Creation sound does have a somber, even darker, feeling.

Yet their heavy metal is not without melody, harmony (especially in the guitar and vocal parts), and groove. Additionally, the guitar work can be creative with mixture of fierce riffs, lighter electric guitar, and epic solos. Alternatively, there's quite a bit of repitition in staccato riffing and drumming throughout the songs. Also, even though he sings melodic and clean, I wasn't all that fond of Englund's voice and vocal style. Perhaps it was his assertive, sometimes raw, timbre; I really can't put my finger on the notion.

If I had to pick any songs of interest, I would likely point you to Walk Away which begins with a fine bass and drum groove that continues through the song. Another is Before The Rain, having a notable rock groove in the chorus, but also a lilting piano line in the second half. Otherwise, if you like your heavy power metal a bit more modern, somber, and dark (akin to Evergrey), you might enjoy Prime Creation and Tears Of Rage. Order the album and support the band.

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The Bottom Line

If you like your heavy power metal a bit more modern, somber, and dark (akin to Evergrey), you might enjoy Prime Creation and Tears Of Rage.

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