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Treat: Tunguska
Treat - Tunguska Music Review

Treat: Tunguska

Melodic Hard Rock/AOR

And now for something completely different, a completely unbiased and objective music review. Nope. It ain't happening. With no apologies, I'm a huge fan of Swedish rock legends Treat. With each successive album, since their 2006 resurrection, they've been delivering exceptional classic AOR melodic hard rock in the signature Treat style. The latest and eighth album is Tunguska, referring to a mysterious large explosion that took place in Siberia in 1908.

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Essentially, Tunguska is Ghosts Of Graceland which is Coup de Grace, all born from 1989's Organized Crime. When I say this album is signature treat, I mean it has all the classic Treat trademarks. Infectious, almost danceable, rock rhythm and groove are self-evident. Catchy melodies reign throughout and are wrapped in amazing vocal harmonies. Melody is also easily translated into memorable lyrical refrains. Soaring guitar solos fire up every song, as they should. Of course, by way of embellishment and atmosphere, there's a dose of tasty synths. All this is then wrapped up an immensely accessible and attractive AOR wrapper. As I said, Tunguska is pure Treat, and the next best thing to AOR melodic rock heaven.

Frankly, there's little to add here. As usual, for the songs, there's not a runt in the litter; it's all killer and no filler; and more overused cliches ad infinitum. Simply, Treat is in fine form and the songs are awesome, perfect arena ready tunes. Easily recommended. Get the album. Favorite picks: Progenitors, Always Have Always Will, Tomorrow Never Comes, Undefeated, and Best Of Enemies. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

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The Bottom Line

Simply, with Tunguska Treat is once more in fine form and the songs are awesome, perfect arena ready AOR melodic hard rock. Easily recommended. Get the album.

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