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Fifth Angel: The Third Secret
Fifth Angel - The Third Secret Music Review

Fifth Angel: The Third Secret

Heavy/Power Metal

I'll admit, when I first saw the email, I did a double take. Fifth Angel? Really? They're back? Their 1986 self-titled debut album, though mostly celebrated in the underground, was an American heavy metal victory for the band and genre. They followed it with 1989's Time Will Tell, but time proved that to be the end of Fifth Angel. A quick fast forward to 2010 and Fifth Angel was reunited to headline Germany's Keep It True festival. Guitarist and now vocalist Kendall Bechtel pitched some new demos to Jaap Wagemaker from Nuclear Blast Records, and here we are. Fifth Angel revives and rebounds for their third studio album, appropriately titled The Third Secret.

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Fifth Angel

Cutting to the chase, The Third Secret is a powerhouse of classic American heavy power metal. The songs are bracing with strong twin guitar riffs and harmony, thunder and groove in the rhythm section, a charging pace, and an abundance of torrid guitar solos. For his part, Bechtel has a strong voice equal to the power of Fifth Angel's heavy metal. And he has more than a little Ronnie James timbre to his voice.

From the start, The Third Secret roars from the gate as if Fifth Angel's members have been anxious and ready for 30 years to ride their power metal horse once again. Stars Are Falling, We Will Rise, Hearts Of Stone, and Shame On You are only a few examples of Fifth Angel's power and intensity. Besides the brisk pacing and groove, the songs are laced with a bevy of sharp guitar lines. Yet, with Third Secret and Queen Of Thieves you will also hear the bass line rise with strength. If there is some heavy metal mellowness to be found it comes with the anthems Can You Hear Me and Fatima, both subtle to start, yet rising in heavy metal guitar glory. All said, Fifth Angel's resurrection is a fine one and The Third Secret is a solid and strong album of American power metal. Recommended, obviously.

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The Bottom Line

All said, Fifth Angel's resurrection is a fine one and The Third Secret is a solid and strong album of American power metal. Recommended, obviously.

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