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Uncommon Evolution: Uncommon Evolution (EP)
Uncommon Evolution EP 2014r CD Album Review

Uncommon Evolution: Uncommon Evolution (EP)

Heavy Rock

Coming from the plains and mountains of 'big sky country' is Montana's Uncommon Evolution, delivering their debut self-titled five song EP. They're a power trio of heavy rockers. They've gotten an uncommon boost to their young career (they only formed in 2013) being recorded and produced by Clutch assistant engineer Alberto De Icaza at The Machine Shop studio, with help from notable producer The Machine himself (Lamb of God, Fall Out Boy, et al).

Those references basically give you a sense of Uncommon Evolution's sound: gritty heavy rock rock with chunky riffs launched from fuzzed out d-tuned guitars, yet not without melody and groove. Actually with vocalist and guitarist Briar Gillund's voice tossed into the mix, the band sounds like a mash up of Texas Hippie Coalition and Clutch. Gillund admits being a huge fan of Clutch, so you can see where this is going. Excepting one song most every other song essentially fits the aforementioned description.

Bird Steppin' Heavy, which has something to do with some high school bong session between Gillund and a friend, is the odd tune out, being this bouncy, almost danceable, rocker. It's probably the best song here because it doesn't sound like the others. The ther songs supposedly have something to do with Vikings or such. But, while his voice is melodic and clean, you can't quite understand what Gillund is saying (and there are no lyrics included). Yet, you can hear him drop the f-bomb which he does frequently. Kind of funny how that always seems to achieve clarity in a song. Likely the best advice here is, if you like Clutch and other similar artists, Uncommon Evolution will appeal to you. Largely, I wasn't all that impressed finding Uncommon Evolution more common and derivative than their name implies. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

In Short

Likely the best advice here is, if you like Clutch and other similar artists, Uncommon Evolution will appeal to you.

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