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Tungsten: The Reservoir
Tungsten The Reservoir Album Review

Tungsten: The Reservoir

Progressive Metal

Philadelphia is home to a great many things like cheese steaks, the liberty bell, and fans so tough they'll boo Santa Claus and pelt him with snowballs. (Yeah, it actually happened: the last game of the Eagles's 1968 season.) Philly is also the home of an upstart and promising American progressive metal band, Tungsten and their debut album, The Reservoir.

Tungsten The Reservoir Band Photo

Tungsten:: all in a row.

Tungsten is a female fronted metal, with Titi Musick at the microphone. Stop laughing; that's her name or, at the very least, here stage name. I not making this shit up. Now, I know what you're thinking: 'Great. Another female-fronted metal band. There's nothing new under the sun. So what is it? Nightwish et al goth symphonic power metal or Arch Enemy etc melodic death metal.' The answer would be no, with some caveats. Generally, Musick sings clean, but does go screamo when she's off her range, and also tosses in some death growls (for example, Night Wanders By). Honestly, when she sticks with former, singing clean, she's fine, even adequate. Otherwise, as the constant reader would know, I can do without the latter.

The real treat here, and Tungsten's breadth and depth, is their music, which is definitely progressive metal. But returning to the aforementioned question, the music is not progressive power, symphonic, gothic, or death metal, per se, as often found in the female fronted genre. And, while they may the may have hints of them, they don't sound like their American peers Dream Theater or Symphony X. You'll likely hear other influences, bits of anything from Rush (notably in Water Over Stone) to Pink Floyd (Contamination) to Opeth, a huge influence upon most every member (Night Wanders By).

You might even find some spirited metal fusion parts as within the first half of Atmos (Masto) Stoma (all variations of 'atoms') or the core of El Dolar. Later, in the title track, after a segue of silence, there's this impressive acoustic guitar play with a world and classical music feel. That's also to say that the guitar work on this album is premium stuff, distinctive, creative, and entertaining.

On the strength of their musicianship (caveats about the vocals notwithstanding) and song composition, Tungsten is on course to become a definitive force in American progressive metal, a band to watch and to make their mark. The Reservoir is solid and entertaining debut. Easily recommended.

Tungsten - The Reservoir - Official LP Trailer - Release Date 1-14-14 - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

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In Short

On the strength of their musicianship and song composition, Tungsten is on course to become a definitive and promising force in American progressive metal, a band to watch and to make their mark.

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