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Unripes, The: This Is Not America
The Unripes This Is Not America Review

Unripes, The: This Is Not America

Melodic Hard (Sleaze/Glam) Rock

Coming from Italy, one of the two breeding grounds for the modern resurrection of glam/sleaze rock (the other is Sweden), is The Unripes with their debut disc, This Is Not America. Despite their goofy band name and an album title that has nothing to with the content within, The Unripes are pretty darn good at their craft.

The Unripes Band Photo

The Unripes:: fresh.

Essentially, The Unripes are channeling late Eighties Sunset Strip melodic hard rock in it's best glam/sleaze incarnation. That means several things, to jog your memory. First, and foremost, this is rock and roll, gritty, maybe with a little punk edge, but it's still rock. Other attributes include strong melodies, big hooks in arrangements and choruses, and equally large guitar fireworks. After all these things, all that's needed is bad attitudes and odes to the rock and roll lifestyle. Basically, The Unripes get it. Yet, they want to invent their own genre, calling their music 'sleaze core.' Okay then.

While there's no sense of hardcore in their 'core,' there's some fine melodic hard rock here. Rumbling and rocking numbers include My Muse is Called Rock N Roll, Get On This Rollercoaster, Damned Electric, and the tongue-in-cheek opener, Track No. 1. There's a couple of rock ballads here: You Are The One, a bit heavier, and The Star Beyond This Wall, more a smooth anthem. Bottom line: as said earlier, The Unripes get classic melodic hard rock in the sleaze style and do it well. Recommended. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

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In Short

Italy's The Unripes offer another modern slice of classic Eighties melodic hard rock in the glam/sleaze style, and they do it quite well.

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