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Almah: Unfold
Almah Unfold Out Review

Almah: Unfold

Melodic/Progressive/Power Metal

Having officially departed Angra, vocalist Edu Falaschi has given full attention to his band Almah. They release their fourth album, Unfold, on Scarlet Records. Press materials describe it as a concept album about overcoming life's difficulties, transforming bad things and circumstances into something good.

Almah Unfold Band Photo

Almah:: all in a row.

Musically, it's a rich tapestry of styles, delivering a variety of interesting and entertaining. The foundation is melodic heavy/power metal, yet with strong progressive notes and often some clear rock groove.

The opener In My Sleep develops charging power metal, driven by a most excellent drum line. Beware The Stroke and The Hostage find that rock groove. With the former, the rhythm pushed the song to genuine toe-tapping catchiness, and Falaschi's vocal arrangement is the hook. The latter brings the beat but also bumps up the heaviness, while tempo changes trick you up, and there's more terrific drumming.

Some songs seem to invoke some modern metal influence with the heavy thrashiness of Cannibals In Suits and Believer, with the former having some harsh vocals assisting Falaschi. These may be the heaviest tunes here, until you listen to I Do where it's heaviness swings to and fro between steady and thrash metal. The last third of the song has some of the best guitar riffs and leads on the album. Almah is not without a softer side. Warm Wind leads with vocals and acoustic guitar for metal ballad. The closing Farewell moves by vocals and piano and symphonic synths. There's much to be said to keeping you focus on one thing. Unfold may be Falaschi and Almah's most varied and interesting album to date. Recommended.

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In Short

Unfold may be Falaschi and Almah's most varied and interesting album to date. Recommended.

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