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All I Know: Vanity Kills
All I Know Vanity Kills album new music review

All I Know: Vanity Kills

Melodic Rock

Belgium has not been renown for putting out many rockbands over the years so every time one comes along I am curious to find out what story they have to tell. All I Know is a rockband from Kortrijk that has been around for a while but so far never managed to fly under the radar. Last year finally saw the release of their debut album Vanity Kills.

The band has been around since 2005 and recorded this album as indie release back in 2009. But for reasons beyond my understanding no record company was interested. Even Andrew McNeice, founder of the site, did not succeed in signing them a record deal. So when he eventually decided to start his own record label (Melodic Rock Records) guess who he signed first.

Although the indie release was fine, two new tracks were added to Vanity Kills. On top of that, the first single Rain was remixed. A few words come to mind listening to this record. Fresh, mature, crafty and fun are the most prominent. The band meanders between bands such as Reo Speedwagon, Bryan Adams, Bon Jovi, Survivor and Cheap Trick, but I cannot be more serious when I say they sound easily as good.

The album is full of great melodies, catchy hooklines, smooth chorusses, subtle keyboards and most and for all fantastic double guitarwork throughout the entire album. And the chosen themes may be more than familiar, the execution is flawless. From the heavy Turn Back The Time, to the AOR blitz of Into Your Heart, the stunning ballad Asphyxia or the unplugged Hope And Dreams, it's all there. The only two tracks that are not overly convincing are I Wanna Rock You and Bad Boy. Both border towards filler and are hampered by their short (just over 2 minute) playing time. But they don't take away the great impression this record makes.

If the radar is gonna miss All I Know after this record something must be wrong. In that case it has to be a tecnical problem with the radar itself, since there is absolutely nothing wrong with the band itself. One of the most convincing newcomers of 2010 for sure. I'll eat my keyboard if this record is not the kick off to a great career. Cannot wait for more stuff to come. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

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In Short

All I Know is one of the most convincing newcomers of 2010 for sure. I'll eat my keyboard if Vanity Kills is not the kick off to a great career.

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