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Poodles, The: In the Flesh DVD
The Poodles In the Flesh DVD album new music review

Poodles, The: In the Flesh DVD

AOR/Melodic Rock

The Poodles first DVD In the Flesh, is a tale of two, maybe three, film episodes (depending on how you count).

First, there's the 'rockumentary' where you get an inside and quite candid look into the lives of all four Poodles, with concert footage interspersed as segues to the biography. The band members discuss diverse subjects including the band's origins, their discouragement of drug use, and how their songs reach many generations. The Poodles are quite the phenom in their own country. This portion is enlightening, but somewhat difficult if you were looking strictly for a Poodles live show.

The second part is the concert film itself where you can watch and enjoy The Poodles in a representative 12 song performance from the 2009 Clash of the Elements tour. Though the show starts with good, but not necessarily rousing, songs Too Much of Everything and Caroline (a bit more rousing), The Poodles deliver the favorites as the show moves along: Metal Will Stand Tall, Echoes of the Past, I Rule the Night, and Night of Passion.

The boys are glamorous, outrageous (vocalist Jakob Samuel is particularly stylish with his stud metal cod piece), and quite formidable in performance and stage presence. Even better, they look like they're having an equally good time as their audience; this simply adds to the energy and authenticity of the show.

Can't get to a Poodles concert? Living in America, I doubt that I ever will. Therefore the concert footage of In the Flesh is quite satisfying, and better than the simple audio of the No Quarter CD.

The third part, if you're still counting, is some additional 'behind the scenes' footage and videos promoting Clash of the Elements.

These three elements make In the Flesh a distinguished and entertaining representation of The Poodles' music in a personal and professional context. Additionally, veteran director Steve Ravic seamlessly blends the authenticity of personal reflection with the glamour and grit of The Poodles live in a very artistic, sometimes even extravagant, style. I'm hardly a film critic, but the cinematography of In the Flesh is rather impressive.

While In the Flesh is delightful video treatise of the life and times of The Poodles, I would offer a simple suggestion when viewing this DVD. If your heart was set on seeing The Poodles 'live and in concert,' even if on video, I recommend you select the full concert video first (select: live only). Reserve the lengthy, sometimes tedious, documentary for another time. You may become dissuaded of the validity of my aforementioned praise.

The Poodles' In the Flesh is strongly recommended. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

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In Short

In the Flesh a distinguished and entertaining representation of The Poodles' music in a personal and professional context.

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