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The Answer: Everyday Demons

The Answer: Everyday Demons

Hard Rock
Rating: 4.75/5.0

We music critics love to make prognostications about the next big thing, if only to massage our egos and say, I told you so when we're right. From Dangerdog Reviews to Kerrang! to Classic Rock, we were all hailing The Answer as the best thing from British rock in the new millennium. Even the most jaded elitists at Rolling Stone (though arriving late, of course) started drooling into their politically correct mojitos and pissing on their Prada over this Jack Daniels swilling hard rock blues band when the opened for AC/DC on the Black Ice tour. (My guess is that they probably stole the show, too.) Well, we were right, and The Answer proves us right with their nearly flawless sophomore release, 'Everyday Demons.'

The Answer doesn't attempt to clone current modern rock mojo. No way: never have, never will. Theirs is still down and dirty, riff rowdy, blues infected hard rock. There's a no-nonsense working man's appeal as The Answer rumbles through gritty rockers like 'Demon Eyes,' the political protestation 'Too Far Gone,' and 'Dead Of Night,' ripping guitar work here. Clear production and raw enthusiasm display the solid and ballsy rhythm section; just listen to 'Pride' or 'Evil Man' for torn jeans street swagger. Most convincing is Cormac Neeson Robert Plant meets Sammy Hagar deliberate Southern mash whiskey (Jack, of course) delivery: almost vicious on 'Too Far Gone' and effortlessly smooth on hard rock ballad 'Comfort Zone.' And for a little more Southern swagger ala Black Crowes or Georgia Satellites, check out gritty and groovy 'Cry Out.'

'Everyday Demons' moves with threatening infectiousness from song to song like the first sips of fine Absinthe. Even when songs turn towards more average rock as on 'Walkin' Mat' or 'Tonight,' you're still subverted by The Answer's honest confidence and impressive musicianship. Even these songs are genuinely inspiring.

'Everyday Demons' is all that we expected from The Answer: swaggering, earthy, blues driven hard rock of memorable proportions. Album of the year? Maybe. So here we go again with the predictions.

In Short

'Everyday Demons' is all that we expected from The Answer: swaggering, earthy, blues driven hard rock of epic and memorable proportions.

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