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Winter's Verge: Eternal Damnation

One of the great joys of running and reviewing music is the fact that I both find and receive music from around the world. Winter's Verge is from the isle of Cyprus so I need to put another pin in my world metal map. They play traditional melodic power metal and 'Eternal Damnation' is their second full length album. In this crowded field it is hard to stand out let alone make a difference. Yet, I found 'Eternal Damnation' to be a quite satisfying work that would please any fan.

The production is crisp though a little soft at times, the composition solid, and the musicianship quite skilled and professional. Particularly, George Charalambous' vocals are steady and enthusiastic reminding me at times of Tobi Sammet. Brother Andreas blazes away on drums. Harry Pari is equally proficient on the guitar offering ambitious riffs and solos. Accompanied by the rest of the band, this crew offers their own brand of melodic power metal equal to their many peers. The album begins with a fine and fast power metal start with the title track. Yet, not everything is typical double bass drum power metal. 'A Secret Once Forgotten' brings some traditional heavy metal elements in to the mix. Some the best numbers are more ballad-like songs like 'Hold My Hand' and 'Can You Hear Me.' In the end, there some impressive moments throughout the whole album.

Winter's Verge's 'Eternal Damnation' kept me interested from beginning to end. One one had, in terms of the genre there is not a whole lot new here. On the other hand, there are some unmistakable intangibles at work here: confidence, enthusiasm, and determination to do metal their way. Winter's Verge should be praised these things and also this fine work. Very recommended!
  - Craig Hartranft

In Short

Winter's Verge hails from Cyprus delivering some fine and traditional melodic power metal. From beginning to end, I was neither bored or disappointed with 'Eternal Damnation;' I enjoyed the album. The band is confident and skilled. In this crowded genre, 'Eternal Damnation' is a welcome addition.

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