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Two Choices: Longest Journey
Modern Melodic Rock
Rating: 4.0/5.0

Hailing from Brighton and formed in 1998 when they were only 14 years old, Two Choices has been working hard trying to make a dent in the crowded field of modern melodic rock in their native England. Retaining their boyish looks, this four piece crew delivers basic rock riffs blended with some post-modern pop punk within a modern melodic rock wrapper. Overall, 'Longest Journey' contains some really good music. Yet, the question remains: what do they have that will make Two Choices stand out among their peers?

'Longest Journey' begins with a good pop rocker 'Take Your Hands Off' which has good riffs and some subtle, often quirky, keyboards layered beneath. 'Get Away' follows next and has a heavier feel. Here we're venturing into more melodic hard rock but with a modern edge. Vocalist Ash shows his skill and emotion on this song. It's a strong number, very catchy with a great arrangement and chorus. 'Through To You' displays solid riffs and great bass work; it's basic modern melodic rock. And that basically describes, in toto, what Two Choices performs. Their music brings classic melodic rock forward into 2008.

'Start It Over' will convince you of this with its harder riffs, skillful rhythm, and strong vocals. As you finish 'Longest Journey,' the modern melodic rock motif continues. If there is anything lacking in their music it is a decent guitar solo. In 'Story Of My Life,' you finally get one. I don't know what it is with modern rock bands, but it's hard to find a guitar hero these days. A final standout is 'Night To Remember' with its quick tempo and great melody. Frankly, you can dismiss the title cut; it's good but you may find yourself yawning if not ignoring it.

Two Choices' 'Longest Journey' is a good choice: a fresh example of how modern rock can capture the melody of classic rock and still surround it with a modern style. I enjoyed this work: Two Choices has worked long and hard on their sound. With time and creativity, this band can rise above the average offerings of their day. They've got something here and its very good. Very recommended.   - Craig Hartranft

In Short

Newcomers, but not unexperienced, Two Choices delivers fine modern melodic rock. These days, its hard to rise above current music conventions. But Two Choices has the talent and creativity to inspire and satisfy all who love melodic rock. 'Longest Journey' is a good choice.

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