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Twilight Guardians: Ghost Reborn

I'll be completely honest here: until discovering 'Ghost Reborn,' I never heard of Twilight Guardians. But that's no surprise to me, because simply, they're Scandinavian (Salo, Finland) and the play melodic metal, something pretty much unknown in America anymore. Twilight Guardians have been in existence since 1996 and have two full length releases under their belts. In a sense, they defy any particular classification. Their music is a blend of several metal elements: classic, progressive, melodic, power, and some darn good melodic rock. I ask myself, where have these guys been? But I answered that, didn't I. I wonder if they 'fly under the radar' in their own region or in Europe generally?

I'll be honest again: I like these guys. Some may listen and say, this is standard Scandi metal. But I say, listen again: if you love melodic metal you will find that there is some cleverness. At first, I didn't know what to make of Vesa Virtanen's vocals: too subdued or too shallow, I wasn't sure. Yet, after several spins, though not extraordinary, Mr. Vitranen's vocals are smooth and versatile. As for the songs, they have the mix that I mentioned in the first paragraph. My absolute favorite song is 'Wildbite,' simply terrific melodic metal with great vocals within an almost Judas Priest motif. Other great songs are 'Bring It On,' more rock than metal, 'Walk This Line, a spirited number that displays every band members talents especially the keyboards of Jari Pailamo, and 'This Blood,' a great opening with a strong arrangement. Other songs were unimpressive like the opener 'Glass Chains,' and later,'The Weight.' As you approach the end you'll find 'Fallen Lamb' to have more progressive nuances than other songs on the album.

Twilight Guardian's 'Ghost Reborn' will probably not go down as a classic in heavy metal history. And I know a lot of other web sites have given this work some very unfavorable reviews. However, I still found this to be darn good melodic metal. Sure, there is some monotony here, not every song has the power of, say, 'Wildbite.' However, as I said earlier, if you love melodic metal that mixes a variety of styles, then you will like 'Ghost Reborn.' Find it and give it a chance; I think you will enjoy this new work.
  - Craig Hartranft

In Short

Finland's Twilight Guardians are a good melodic metal band. 'Ghost Reborn' will not shatter any illusions about Scandi metal. In perspective, there is nothing new under the sun on this album. However, I found this work to be generally creative, enjoyable, and disinctively, a singular work different than their peers.

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