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Tomorrow's Eve: Tales From Serpentia
Melodic/Progressive Metal
Rating: 4.0/5.0

Germany's Tomorrow's Eve is a rising force in melodic and progressive metal. 'Tales Of Serpentia' is their fourth full-length release following 2006's 'Mirror Of Creation II.' The progressive metal remains, but, by their own admission, TE is working towards more melody within heavy riffs. Essentially, this presents a listener and a reviewer with a conundrum. Where is TE going here, musically speaking? Is 'Tales' prog metal or melodic metal or something in between or entirely different. Frankly, I don't care. 'Tales Of Serpentia' is a solid work from a skillful and talented band. The album is marked by enthusiastic arrangements, passionate vocals, thrilling guitar solos, and brilliant keyboards. 'Tales Of Serpentia' could be the single work for which Tomorrow's Eve is known; it is that good.

'Tales' deals with a collage of dreams, but they are more like wide-awake nightmares. Therefore, the music on this work tends to be dark, despairing and foreboding within the light of tremendous melody. This is more than apparent on songs like 'The Tower,' 'Dream Diary' or the very short 'Warning'. But the best music occurs when Tomorrow's Eve goes full throttle bringing in progressive, heavy and power metal into the mix. 'Remember,' in its quasi-ballad style, does exactly that. It's immensely satisfying thanks to the steady melody, delightful keyboards, and sterling guitar work. 'Succubus' is even better and my favorite piece. This is fantastic melodic progressive metal with even more brilliant keyboard work and the best fret work on the album. Additionally, while he shines throughout, Martin LeMar is simply amazing on this song: clear and passionate.

Very few works leave me at a loss for words, but Tomorrow's Eve did so. And it's not because I couldn't define their style. Rather, it's because this work is filled full with brilliance and creativity leaving you astonished and satisfied. Highly recommended!

In Short

Tomorrow's Eve is a superb example of the best European progressive metal. The themes of 'Tales Of Serpentia' brings heavier riffs and a dark style, but it is still immensely melodic, and therefore, immensely satisfying.

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