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Stonefuze: Stonefuze

Stonefuze is hardly a household name around the world, but they are well know in their native Sweden and surrounding countries. Their history dates back to 1989 as Cornerstone SWE when they played Southern Rock with an acoustic flavor. This sound morphed into a heavy blues rock in the early 1990's. The band evolved again when Mick Nordstrom joined the band in 1997. Their sound became a heavier hard rock. They released 'Jesus Rides Harley Too' (great title) in 1998. But for the most part Cornerstone SWE has been MIA until 2006. This self-titled album continues the evolutionary process as the band is now known as Stonefuze.

True to their promo material, Stonefuze's hard rock is heavy, yet it's also melodic throughout. At time they remind me of Motorhead. Kent Franklin's vocals are both raw and gutteral like Lemmy, but more clear and versatile. The rhythm section is very sturdy lucid; this most notable on 'Grinding.' Mattias Holm burns up the fret board with some ripe and ripping guitar work as found on 'Alive,' 'Fire And Flames,' 'Loud Guitars,' and 'Grinding.' Generally, all the songs and the album as whole is energetic, enthusiastic, and heavy. The closing number 'Unknown' sounds like the bastard child of Motorheand and Black Sabbath. Stonefuze has definitely found their niche. Still all is not perfect on this work. Songs like 'Apocalyptic,' 'Motor Music' and 'Pour Some Love' left an unwanted taste in my mouth and my ears unhappy. Yet, 'Stonefuze' is a worthy debut and should please hard rock fans. Recommended.    - Craig Hartranft

In Short

Stonefuze's self-titled debut brings this band into their own: creating hard and heavy rock with lots of attitude. Except for a few numbers, the work is strong and energetic. Fans of tough hard rock should check out Stonefuze.

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