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Seven Tears: In Every Frozen Tear
Progressive/Power Metal
Rating: 4.0/5.0

Newcomers Seven Tears prove once again that power and progressive metal is alive in Sweden. The band's history is ripe with personnel and name changes. Yet, in the midst of this usual turmoil, Seven Tears pressed on and released a demo in 2006, 'The Story Unfolds.' Hard work and determination paid off as Seven Tears signed with the legendary Frontiers label. Obviously, Frontiers knows a good thing when they hear it. For some, saying 'Sweden' and 'power/progressive metal' in the same breath is indicative of hearing the same old thing again. And they may be right. However, there are some bands that know the style so very well, and so, they are unafraid of criticism and labeling. Seven Tears is such a band. 'In Every Frozen Tear' is great combination of power and progressive metal thanks to solid arrangements and some profound vocals by Zoran Djorem.

I found 'In Every Frozen Tear' to present a difficult conundrum: it is both derivative and fresh. As I said earlier, this band knows their craft and they pursue it with enthusiasm and creativity. On the whole, there is a beautiful consistency to this work: most every song is strong and can stand on its own merits. This is not to say that I was thrilled with every song. 'Fragments' was interesting, but hardly compelling (except in its final moments). There is better music on this album. Exceptional cuts include the title track, 'Hallow Ground,' 'All Alone,' and the brilliant 'Truth Of Tomorrow.' There is some true talent in this band: Jonathan Carlemar is wonderful on both acoustic and electric guitar and Kristofer von Wachenfeldt adds a deep dimension to the arrangements with his fine keyboard work.

Seven Tears is a young band both in age and experience, yet they know their craft very well. 'In Every Frozen' has everything that you should expect from good power and/or progressive metal. I would not be surprised that, in the future, Seven Tears will rise above their peers and become a singular force in their genre. They have the talent to do so. This is a fine first effort. Highly recommended!
  - Craig Hartranft

In Short

Seven Tears is a promising new metal band from Sweden. They know how to compose and perform a combination of progressive and power metal with skill and originality. This is a fine first work from a band that has a great future.

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