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The Screamin' Lords: Long Live Me
Melodic Hard Rock (American)
Rating: 4.5/5.0

A lot of people are making a big deal about California's Screamin' Lords. Actually, the praise is nearly incomprehensible including those from John Levy (Guitar Player Magazine), Charlie Steffens (KNAC.COM), and Erik Turner (guitarist, Warrant). And yes, they have a host of special guests including Kelly Keeling (TSO, Lynch Mob, MSG) and Robin McCauley (MSG) on lead vocals, with George Lynch (Lynch Mob, Dokken), Chris Poland (Megadeth) and Gus G (Firewind, Dream Evil) on lead guitar, among others. This makes me wonder if this a band searching for group coherency or surviving on their own merits or, simply, so inspiring that they can enlist such incredible players to support their effort. The answer may be all of the above. Yet, there are singular postives and negatives. Regarding the former, this is great, well composed and spirited melodic hard rock. As for the later, as other reviewers have mentioned, this work is way too short. Is this the best of the best or did The Screamin' Lords run out of creative steam.

Without doubt this album rocks from beginning to end, regardless of my endless questions or apprehensions. This is real rock and roll, melodic, emotional, hard, raw and tons of fun. And, yes, it's American! God forbid that such a band could buck current establishment (and label trends) and produce fantasitc rock, purely on their own (with a little help, of course, from sympathetic friends).

I truly enjoyed 'Long Live Me,' Halo,' 'Fire In The Blue Sky,' and 'Gladrags And Limozines.' Many songs are driven by a blues current. As individuals, this band will not cross your radar. But as a band, The Screamin' Lords are destined (hopefully) to be the future of American rock. (Screw the labels!) This is great rock! Very recommended!
  - Craig Hartranft

In Short

Not so newcomers, The Screamin' Lords (California, US of A) enlist the help of some severe heavyweight guests to produce a nearly immucluate recroding of pure American rock (with a blues bias). This is highly important music and should be on every fan's 'must listen to' list of melodic hard rock music.

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