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RPWL: The RPWL Experience
Progressive Rock
Rating: 4.0/5.0

German progressive rockers RPWL began as a Pink Floyd cover band; but after six studio albums and one live album, the similarities end. RPWL has come into their own since 2000's 'God Has Failed.' Their progressive rock is bright and sophisticated. Their latest release 'The RPWL Experience' confirms their progression into singular and established progressive rock band.

'The RPWL Experience' features many lengthy songs that display their musicianship and ingenuity. The production is precise and the mix unmuddled. RPWL excels on 'Silenced,' a sociopolitical number that has an intricate arrangement. The vocals are superb and the guitar work stunning. If there are Floyd influences, they can be heard throughout in both subtle and obvious ways. But RPWL's music is still original. 'Where Can I Go' has a stylish Pink Floyd feel, but RPWL adds more complexity. Another brilliant exhibition of their composition is 'Masters Of War.' It's smoothness is only complimented by some beautiful guitar work about three minutes into the song. RPWL puts tongue in cheek for 'This Is Not A Prog Song,' which is more pop or melodic rock with some psychedelic sensibility. There are some ordinary numbers on this work. One is 'Watch Myself;' it drones along without inspiration. Another is 'River' which depends more upon strange pyschedelia than anything else. Neither songs are bad, but there could have been more. Songs like 'Stranger,' which has a harder feel, and 'Choose What You Want To Look At' redeem RPWL progressive style. They're extremely different and provocative.

RPWL continues to amaze and satisfy on 'The RPWL Experience.' They are a totally appealing band which is often missed in the progressive rock scene. I found little recognition on the Internet for their latest work. That's a damn shame because, except for a few exceptions, this is a fine work. Prog rock fans should find this album and buy it immediately. Very recommended.    - Craig Hartranft

In Short

RPWL continues their fine work as a premier progressive rock. Hardly a household name in their field, they definitely should be. There is a lot of creative and brilliant music on this album. Prog rock fans should be extremely happy.

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