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Riverside: Rapid Eye Movement

Some bands just get better with time and experience. They rise from ordinary to outstanding. Poland's Riverside is such a band. When I found 2003's 'Out Of Myself,' I thought, these guys are on to something very, very good. There is creativity and inspiration here; this is not your ordinary progressive metal or rock. With 'Rapid Eye Movement,' Riverside secures their place among the best of the best in progressive metal.

'Rapid Eye Movement' is an impressive listening experience. The entrance track 'Beyond The Eyelids' sweeps you into some progressive grandeur. It's really hard to believe only four men a can produce such immense sound. At times dark and foreboding, 'Rapid Eye Movement,' still breathes light and life on a song like '02 Panic Room,' where the vocals are emotional and the keyboards thrilling. For the full progressive experience, 'Parasomnia' excels in depth and innovation. There are moments of intensity and also subtle beauty. Throughout, I often hear a more heavy and introspective Pink Floyd especially on 'Embryonic.'

The bottom line is this: this is outstanding progressive metal, possibly without equal in Europe. If this is the future of progressive metal in Europe (and elsewhere), then we have the promise of a very bright future. Riverside is at the top of their genre and should be equally commended for their originality and creativity. Highly recommended!
  - Craig Hartranft

By Craig Hartranft

In Short

Riverside is quite possibly the future of European progressive metal. This is their best work to date: innovative and compelling. Each song delivers dramatic progressive sounds.

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