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Paganini: Medicine Man

Swiss vocalist Marco Paganini is hardly a household name here in the States even though he now has seven albums to his credit. His history goes deep into the early 1980's when he worked with Barbara Schenker (sister of Michael and Rudolf) in a band called Viva. (At the time he was singing for England's Tygers Of Pan Tang.) The bulk of his work first ended in 1991 with the self-titled 'Paganini.' His career was resurrected in 2003 on 'Esoterrorism' which was released on his label Pazouzou Records. Now Mr. Paganini is back with 'Medicine Man,' an album of generally pleasing and sometimes unusual melodic rock.

'Medicine Man' is melodic rock with some interesting nuances. There are some songs that verge on melodic hard rock like 'Stomping Grounds' and 'The Secret.' Some songs seem to have a near psychedelic vibe as on 'End Of The Line,' 'Teardrops,' a ballad, and possibly in the aforementioned 'Stomping Grounds.' The latter is the finest song on the work. 'I Don't Want Your Love' combines many of the previous elements with a funky, raw groove. Call 'Medicine Man' eclectic, interesting, or unusual and you will probably still run out of adjectives to describe this work. This is clearly evident on the closing number 'Faith Healer' and its extended version. Possibly the most unique thing about Paganini is his vocals: you think you can put your finger on his style from song to song, but any description remains elusive. Marco Paganini is uniquely his own.

If you're ready for something interesting and extraordinary in your melodic rock collection, look no farther than Paganini's 'Medicine Man.' It's filled with intriguing and unexpected arrangements and melodies. This is not swashbuckling melodic hard rock like, say, the recently reviewed Marcello-Vestry release. It's different in a very creative way. Very recommended.
- Craig Hartranft

In Short

Expect the unexpected on Paganini's 'Medicine Man.' This melodic rock in a clearly creative, and easily unclassifiable way. And so, it's highly intriguing and enjoyable.

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