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Incrave: Dead End
Melodic Power Metal
Rating: 4.0/5.0

Sweden's Incrave began in 2001 as Evergrace. In 2006, they released their self-titled debut album on Ulterium Records. It was received generally well and I give it a favorable review at the time. But it did seem a bit generic as power metal goes, and so I hoped for better things on their sophomore release. I'm happy to report that 'Dead End' is a surprisingly more significant and satisfying work then their first release. It demonstrates maturity and a certainity that Incrave is coming into their own.

'Dead End' begins with two songs, 'Shattered' and 'The Forgotten' that can best be described as smooth, melodic metal and they are very good. Hearing these songs I wondered where the power metal went. Well, fear not, beginning with 'A Shadow In The Dark' the power metal returns in three songs. The best of which are the aforementioned 'A Shadow In The Dark' and 'The Touch Of Death.' I could do without 'Unveil The Truth,' very generic, a throw away number. Incrave rebounds on 'Shades Of Me,' another melodic metal song verging on a ballad. As you move to conclusion, several songs stand out above the others. 'Scream In Silence' has a progressive feel while at the same time sounding epic and symphonic thanks to the great keyboard work. 'Nevermore' perfectly blends power metal with melody. On this song, outstanding vocalist Johan Falk has never sounded better.

As always, any band that ventures into the melodic/power metal genre is up against some stiff odds. After all, it's a crowded playing field. However, Incrave has the talent and skill to rise above their peers. Hardly a perfect, 'Dead End' proves continuing promise from this young band. Recommended.
  - Craig Hartranft

In Short

Sweden's Incrave is improving and impressive melodic power metal band. They show their enormous (and young) talent on this sophomore release which is better than their first. They still do not pose a threat to other bands in this genre, yet this is pleasing and promising album.

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