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Gun Barrel: Outlaw Invasion

If you like your rock hard, rowdy, and a bit vulgar but also with a subtle dose of melody, than look no further than Germany's Gun Barrel. Their latest release, 'Outlaw Invasion,' delivers in-your-face hard rock with a ballsy attitude. Gun Barrel blends the styles of AC/DC and Motorhead: raw gruff vocals, quick, ripping guitar, and a driving rhythm section. This is grab your beer and bang your head music. But how good is it?

Generally, Gun Barrel isn't reinventing the wheel here. This pretty solid music, but you probably heard it all before especially you consider my previous reference. However, I found enough good songs on here to enjoy Gun Barrel's version of hard rock. The most notable songs include the rowdy and vulgar 'Front Killers,' the vengeful 'Wanted Man,' the encouraging 'Keep On Movin,' and unusually melodic, 'Turn To Black.' Gun Barrel ventures down the ballad road with 'Brother To Brother' and the surprising pleasing, 'Tommorrow Never Comes.' The other cuts are pretty average though not wholly disappointing. You can definitely pass on 'The Redeemer,' a very dull number that seems to have no musical focus.

Fans of rowdy hard rock should enjoy Gun Barrel's 'Outlaw Invasion.' It's not going rank as the year's best. But Gun Barrel's style and genuine enthusiasm will undoubtedly win them some new fans.
  - Craig Hartranft

In Short

Germany's Gun Barrel delivers raucous hard rock with an attitude. Sounding like the bastard child of AC/DC and Motorhead, Gun Barrel sufficiently delivers the goods to make 'Outlaw Invasion' a definite listen.

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