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Glass Hammer: Culture Of Ascent
Progressive Rock/Metal
Rating: 4.75/5.0

Glass Hammer is a premier progressive rock/metal act from Chattanooga, Tennessee, America. Filled with talent and passion, Glass Hammer has been recording great music since 1992 where their first work had a Tolkein theme. They feature complex music with an outstanding mixture of female and male vocals, outstanding strings, versatile compositions, and some unique guests. If you hear Yes in their music it's because none other than Jon Anderson contributed his vocal talents to this album, and they also cover 'South Side Of The Sky;' and it's wonderful. Glass Hammer may be unique in the annals of American progressive music, but with their impressive history and the merits of 'Culture of Ascent,' they should not go unnoticed. This is really impressive, creative, and delightful music.

Having already mentioned 'South Side Of The Sky,' you must listen carefully to the rest of this work. In other words, buy it, drop everything you were thinking of doing, and just listen. 'Culture Of Ascent' is true progressive art. Many songs are long, with two clocking in over 16 minutes. Only prog fans can appreciate the breadth and depth of these lengthy compositions. Again, I say, relax, sit back and listen. Even better, try this work with some headphones.

'Sun Song' has some impressive guitar work and a great mix of vocals. 'Life By Light' is measured by it's great vocals. 'Ember Without Name' has a simply thrilling arrangement with great guitar licks. It's the second longest piece on the album, but worth your time. Finally, the longest number, 'Into Thin Air' is a complex work with so many variations and nuances that keep you guessing throughout. Actually, it may be too long to hold your attention, but I found it satisfying.

Do not miss Glass Hammer! 'Culture of Ascent' is a phenomenal accomplishment for this great American band. It's diverse, creative, and enjoyable. Very recommended!
  - Craig Hartranft

In Short

American progressive rockers Glass Hammer deliver their best work to date. 'Culture Of Ascent' is filled with provactive and creative music. This is a 'must have' for all fans of progressive music. Do not miss this!

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