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Delight: Breaking Ground

There is a great deal of good music coming from Poland these days. Delight is no exception. This female fronted goth-like metal band treads traditional territory including that of After Forever and Within Temptation. So, is there something new under the sun here on 'Breaking Ground?' Yes and no. Without doubt this is not your typical goth metal. At times, it even has a pop feel to it as on songs like 'Divideo' and 'Sleep With The Light On.' These songs have a certain techno-dance current running through them. Then there is the more traditional style on songs like 'Reasons' and 'Juliet.' At times, however, Delight seems to be confused concerning their evolution and style. Atypical songs that seem out of character with the rest of the album include 'Fire' and 'Emotune.' Yet, then again, I become impressed with a song likes 'All Alone' or 'Bare Tree' which show great vocal arrangements and song composition.

The strength of Delight is the considerable vocal skills of Paulina Maslanka, the steady musicianship, and the exceptional production qualities. However, I cannot say that 'Breaking Ground' truly hooked me or caused me to jump and say, 'Wow, this is extraordinary.' Yes, after 10 years in the business, I believe Delight has a bright future. But, also, I've heard much of this before. Keep watching and listening, we all may be surprised at their success and I'll eat my words.

In Short

Poland's Delight brings to us essentially goth rock and metal with some strong pop and techno tendencies. I didn't necessarily grab me and pull me in, But I did find it interesting enough to keep listening. I encourage you to listen and make your own judgment.

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