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Crown Of Glory: A Deep Breath Of Life

Press releases can be deceiving if not simply self-glorifying. The info provided by Crown Of Glory states that they 'represent power, wonderful and catchy melodies, wicked choral lines and significant lyrics.' Additionaly, the release adds, 'Fans of Europe, Pretty Maids, Stratovarius, Royal Hunt and Edguy won’t be disappointed by the sound of this powerful five-piece from Switzerland.' Formed in 1998, Crown Of Glory released two mini CD's 'Destiny' (2001) and 'Spirit' (2005); the later received 'demo of the month by German magazine 'Break Out.' In the case of Crown Of Glory, the facts are true. This may be traditional Swiss power/heavy metal, but the music proves their position.

But what more can we say about the music? I was impressed from the beginning: this is true power metal with some traditional heavy metal and progressive elements. 'The Calling' is powerful melodic metal number that shows creativity and class. 'Pathfinder' drives at a heady pace delivering traditional power metal. Crown Of Glory stumbles on 'The Raven's Flight' when they try to add dirty vocals to the mix. Hene Muther is an excellent metal vocalist, and if he did the dirty vocals, there is no need to go down this well-worn and ordinary road especially when the song itself is very good. The keyboard work is fantastic. The finest cut is 'Inspiration:' here prog elements merge with power and some amazing guitar work. Other great works include 'Save Me', simply stunning with great vocals, 'Mirror Mirror,' and 'Ikarus' where the the bass and drums are extraodinary, but the semi-dirty vocal raise their ugly head. Special mention should also be given to 'The Lament Of The Wind,' the piano work is almost surrealistic, and 'Anthem Of The End,' which proves once again that Crown Of Glory knows heavy and power metal.

Crown Of Glory arises to significant promise in the genre of power and heavy metal with 'A Deep Breath Of Life.' They may not make a dent in this huge field, but they have the talent and the enthusiasm to do so. Fans of the genre should definitely check out Crown Of Glory: you will be pleased. I was. Very recommended!

In Short

Swiss metal band Crown Of Glory releases their first full length work 'A Deep Breath Of Life' (mixed by Dennis Ward) and it's a darn good effort. It's true power metal with some interesting trends towards prog metal and traditional metal. The composition and musicianship is easily equal to their peers. Crown Of Glory is well worth your interest.

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