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Guns Of Glory: Strafing Run
Guns Of Glory Strafing Run CD Album Review

Guns Of Glory: Strafing Run

(Melodic) Hard/Heavy Rock

It was somewhat of an amusing moment for me. Upon receiving Guns Of Glory's latest and second album, Strafing Run, I did not remember them or that I reviewed their first album. This could mean several things. One, I receive so much stuff, all the bands and albums run together over time. Two, at fifty something, my memory isn't what it used to be. Or, three, Guns Of Glory's first album wasn't worthy of remembrance. It's probably a mixture all three. But cutting to the chase.

Guns Of Glory Photo

Guns Of Glory

These Finnish lads return with another album of gut level, even below the belt, straight up hard and heavy rock. Their sound is old school, down and dirty, knuckles to the chin, beer and whiskey rock n roll. It's suitable for the off main street pub or your friend's kegger in his backyard. Guns Of Glory is equal parts AC/DC, Krokus, Guns N Roses, and the modern southern sleaze Nashville Pussy. Then toss in some punk attitude. It's loud and obnoxious and, if that's not enough, vulgar with more than a few fucks flying about. Yet in the midst of all the sharp brazen riffs and Petri Puheloinen vodka soaked raspy vocals, GoG knows that melody and harmony make a song. So do guitar solos, which are abundant.

But, honestly, as much as they get the genre right, I didn't find myself all that interested after two spins. And so, now I know why I didn't remember Guns Of Glory when they turned up again. But that's not say that you won't dig them. Listen to the song below and decide for yourself.

Guns Of Glory - Running From You

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The Bottom Line

Honestly, as much as Guns Of Glory understands and plays old school hard and heavy rock, I didn't find Strafing Run all that interesting or memorable.

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