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Vital Science: Imaginations on the Subject of Infinity
Vital Science - Imaginations on the Subject of Infinity CD Album Review

Vital Science: Imaginations on the ...

Progressive Metal

The origins of Vital Science go back to 2008 when two bands merged, Latvia's Distant Light and Estonia's Shadow Cry. Both had demo albums floating about and extensive performance experience, opening for major European acts. Now the collective produces their debut album, Imaginations on the Subject of Infinity, available as a digital download through Power Prog Records.

Vital Science Imaginations on the Subject of Infinity Band Photo

Vital Science: have names.

Vital Science is basically going for traditional progressive metal in their music. While they focus on both melody and complexity in the arrangements, their prog is a bit heavier. Think more Symphony X, than Dream Theater. But if you like either of those bands, you will likely enjoy Vital Science.

Most of the cleverness and complexity comes in the instrumental breakdowns or segues within the overarching arrangements. For instance, there's a monster one, quite lengthy, within Fallen From Grace beginning about two and half minutes, with some delicate guitar and drum eventually leading to heavier riffs and a keyboard solo. Alternatively, a song like Bridge of Sorrow leaves much of the prog thrills, albeit brief, to the end, with bass and drums playing off one another before a brief solo comes in. This latter format (instrumental intrigue near the end) seems more typical in the songs than the former.

Essentially, your guaranteed several things in a pattern: lots of heavy riffage, shifts in tempo and time signatures, and then some technical interplay between musicians and instruments. That latter element makes Imaginations interesting and entertaining. Conversely, the remaining parts make Vital Science rather predictable and typical of classic progressive metal. Nevertheless, with the strength of the musicianship and song composition, this is still a very strong debut for the band. Recommended.

Vital Science - The Last Trial (Single) - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

In Short

With Imaginations on the Subject of Infinity, Vital Science goes for more traditional progressive metal, a bit heavier, but with strong musicianship.

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