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Tyranex: Unable To Tame
Tyranex - Unable To Tame CD Album Review

Tyranex: Unable To Tame

Heavy/Speed Metal

Just push repeat. Sweden's Tyranex has made a follow up album to their first, Extermination Has Begun and it's Unable To Tame. And it's basically part two of their basic speed metal.

Tyranex Unable To Tame Photo

Tyranex: oh yeah, we is metal.

The formula remains the same: mostly thrashy speed metal cruising at warp speed, a moderate breakdown to lessen the pace, and then a fiery frenetic guitar solo, followed by more speed. To be fair, there is one song that isn't entirely hyperspeed metal and that's Chasing Death, which essentially thuds and thunders from the start. Along the way vocalist Linnea Landstedt screeches and screams her heart out, probably busting a few seams in her leather corset. Often she sounds like Geddy Lee pumped on crack with his nuts squeezed in a vice. I don't really care for her vocal style it least for long periods at a time. It's rather grating and obnoxious.

Again, there's nothing really 'new' about this album, in comparison to the first. Alternatively, while dialing down the vocals, Tyranex knows their chosen genre and plays it quite well. If you like the first album, you'll probably dig this one as well.

Tyranex - Unable To Tame - Album Teaser - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

In Short

Tyranex offers another platter of their time-warped Eighties speed metal, with little novelty or separation from previous material.

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