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Million Dollar Fix: Psychedelephant EP
Million Dollar Fix Psychedelephant CD Album Review

Million Dollar Fix: Psychedelephant EP

Heavy Rock

Million Dollar Fix could be the proverbial elephant in the room, pushing every other band off the stage at their chosen venue. This Calgary Canada band is a monster, delivering thick riffs, deep grooves, and crushing your brain and ears with elephant-sized sound.

Million Dollar Fix Psychedelephant Band Photo

Million Dollar Fix: having fun in the sun.

Psychedelephant, their second EP, is non-stop heavy rock n roll. Think heavy classic rock on a double shot of Jager and Red Bull. Yet while they're slamming away at your speakers, or earbuds, MDF still delivers melody and groove, things essential to rock n roll. I think there's some guitar solos here, in Hoptical Illusions and at the beginning of Kill The Banker. They're rather spirited and razor sharp. But guitarist Brad Weidlich better keep looking over his shoulder as the rhythm section may be looking to put the smackdown on his ass. Weidlich can be intense and assertive, but they're even more intense and assertive.

I'm thinking the next time the American military has force out another tyrant, they should play Psychedelephant in a continuous loop. He would be out in no time, actually running as fast as he can with his palms over his ears, and have the added benefit of having his balls crushed and brains turned to mush. No need for jail time, just send him to the loony bin. But I digress.

The dilemma moving forward is that with all the bombastic heavy rock slammage Psychedelephant is in danger of collapsing in upon itself. The weightiness may be simply too much to promote and sustain any musical progress. It's perhaps good that Million Dollar Fix does only a four song EP at a time as too much would end up being simply overkill. If you like your rock classic, but dangerously heavy and thumping this album is for you. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

In Short

Million Dollar Fix's Psychedelephant, their second EP, is non-stop heavy rock n roll. Think heavy classic rock on a double shot of Jager and Red Bull.

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