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Forensick: The Prophecy
Forensick The Prophecy CD Album Review

Forensick: The Prophecy

Melodic/Heavy/Power Metal

Revving it up old school for their second album, The Prophecy, is Germany's Forensick. Their music is straight out of the Eighties classic heavy metal mold, combining melody with speed for power metal, with obvious nods to the NWoBHM, Iron Maiden and others of the genre.

Forensick The Prophecy Photo

Forensick: with magic crystal ball.

Basically, that says it all. So if you like that style and genre, you'll probably enjoy this album. For more specifics, Forensick has groove and speed, twin guitars with lots of traditional solos, and clean, often soaring, sometimes screamo, vocals from Tobias Hübner. Many times the soaring screamo blurs the lyric delivery.

Most songs time around the five minutes, and keep you engaged, but likely could have been shortened. Not unlike traditional heavy/power metal bands, Forensick offer the lengthier anthems with Beast Within and The Prophecy, both speedy numbers in general. However, the latter remains more interesting thanks to the light breakdown around four minutes in, followed by a powerful guitar solo. The band attempts something of a low key, moderately paced, anthem/ballad with Lonesome Words, with some success, though Hubner's vocals are mostly indecipherable.

Fundamentally, Forensick owns this classic heavy metal genre knowing all the proper elements and how to arrange them with success. What they need is some songs that really 'pop', ala Aces High, Run to the Hills, or The Trooper, to push them over the top and ahead of other bands doing the same. Otherwise, recommended.

Forensick - The Prophecy Album Teaser - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

In Short

With The Prophecy, Forensick demonstrates their competency in delivering classic NWoBHM melodic heavy/power metal, often with inspired moments that make them a promising young band.

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