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Zenit: The Chandrasekhar Limit
Zenit - The Chandrasekhar Limit Review

Zenit: The Chandrasekhar Limit

Melodic/Progressive Rock

Zenit hails from Switzerland but their hearts and music are rooted in classic English prog. They bring their third album The Chandrasekhar Limit, which refers to the mathematical threshold that defines if a white dwarf star remains a star or becomes a black hole. But the album is not a conceptual piece built around this.

Zenit Band Photo

Zenit:: some happy fellows.

But it is a delightful collection melodic progressive rock marked by intriguing arrangements and skillful playing. You'll hear echoes of their influences and peers from The Flower Kings to Spock's Beard, Genesis to Pink Floyd, and Marillion to Saga. The atmosphere, or feeling, of The Chandrasekhar Limit is light and wistful, almost playful.

Yet, while not overly complex, you get copious amounts twists and turns to make this truly a prog album. What's interesting, and this may go back to the music sounding playful, is that Zenit seems to do all this with effortless ease. The music flows from these fellows like a stream unencumbered by obstacles or obstructions. You hear this in longer pieces like Awaken, Matrimandi, or the jazz-blues feel of Pigreco which move with clarity of purpose, yet retain a feeling of expectation that keeps you listening. And that's what good prog should do. Conversely, when it doesn't happen it can feel tiring, and the better than 24 minute The Daydream Suite comes dangerously close to wearing the listener out in the first ten minutes. Then there's the rather strange Cub Lady which, at the first spin, I had an instant dislike for. Nevertheless, for revisiting and re-envisioning classic melodic prog rock Zenit's The Chandrasekhar Limit is interesting and entertaining. Recommended.

Listen: Zenit - The Chandrasekhar Limit - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

In Short

For revisiting and re-envisioning classic melodic prog rock Zenit's The Chandrasekhar Limit is interesting and entertaining.

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