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Veilside: Meanwhile ... (EP)
Veilside Meanwhile ... (EP) Album Review

Veilside: Meanwhile ... (EP)

Melodic Hard Rock

Veilside is a promising hard rock band from the Chicago area, offering their second EP Meanwhile .... Here's the skinny, what you need to know about the band and the album.

Veilside Meanwhile ... Band Photo

Veilside:: attacked by their crazy fans.

First, their rock is in the vein of late post grunge melodic hard rock akin to Nickelback. The EP comes with six tracks listed, yet has seventh hidden bonus track. Of the seven, you should listen and enjoy the first four, skip the next two, and catch hidden track. Sick of Me, Maybe Tomorrow, and Standing Alone are hard rocking melodic tunes with good hooks in lyrics and arrangement, with some dandy guitar solos.

My Last Lie I Promise is a terrific duet, Veilside's first and perhaps the best track her. It features Amy Badalamanti, wife of founding, no ex-guitarist, Jon Badalamanti. Of the two I told you to skip, they're mostly just heavy but do have nice guitar solos. The hidden track is the odd man out; it's this light symphonic number with a touch of piano. It doesn't quite fit with Veilside's other tunes, but it sounds really cool, perhaps a future direction if the band tanks anytime soon. There you have it. If modern American hard rock is your thing, you'll like Meanwhile ... Meanwhile, the band should think about cutting a full album. Recommended. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

In Short

Veilside offer listeners another option for current American melodic hard rock.

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