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Saturday Overdose: Eat My Dust (EP)
Saturday Overdose Eat My Dust (EP) Album Review

Saturday Overdose: Eat My Dust (EP)

Melodic Hard Rock

Saturday Overdose is an upstart Italian hard rock band formed by four high school friends. They started out playing covers at school parties, but that didn't pan out. They band disbanded, only to revive themselves and beginning writing original material. The result is a short five song EP, Eat My Dust for Italy's Street Symphonies Records.

Saturday Overdose Eat My Dust Band Photo

Saturday Overdose:: eat their sunglasses.

What you get with Saturday Overdose is basically some late Eighties, early Nineties, melodic hard rock, something akin to Guns N Roses, but not sounding like them. Of the five songs, three are rockers, and two are ballads, which seems rather surprising. Of the rockers, they're rather heavy with Free Bones and Fallin' Apart having moderate pacing, finishing with some decent guitar solos. F*cking Mustang has a quick pace and a strong hook in the guitar line, making for some good driving music. (Warning: f-bombs are dropped liberally throughout the song.)

Regarding the ballads, Don't Care About the Rain and Anthem for a Dream, they're surprisingly good. The former offers a bit of acoustic guitar at the start, but gradually grows a bit heavier. The latter adds some piano that weaves in and out above a light symphonic layer. Both songs have killer guitar solos, one of the most impressive things about this band and EP. I'll admit I wasn't all that impressed with Saturday Overdose with one spin. But after a second and third, this band has some real talent and good command of the their chosen genre. Eat My Dust is a good start, but demands a full-length album, if they can pull it off. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

In Short

Saturday Overdose's Eat My Dust is a good start for this young band, showing some talent and command of classic, late Eighties, melodic hard rock.

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