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Lazy Bonez: Vol. 1
Lazy Bonez - Vol. 1 Album Review

Lazy Bonez: Vol. 1

Melodic Hard Rock/Metal

So what does Lady Gaga have to do with heavy metal? Not much you would say except for the fact that Finland's Lazy Bonez does a cover of Poker Face. Having never heard the Lady Gag Me version, I was rather suspicious of the Bonez approach. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Lazy Bonez Vol. 1 Band Photo

Lazy Bonez: outdoors.

Lazy Bonez is a mash up of several Finnish bands including Exception to the Rule ETTR), D-Cayed, and the more familiar Tarot (fronted by Nightwish's Marco Hietala). The main composers are Jaakko Kauppinen (bass) and Markku Mähönen (guitar) come from the first two bands, Tommi Salmela (vocals), Mikko Niiranen (guitar), Pecu Cinnari (drums), and Janne Tolsa (keyboards) from the third.

Together, in the debut Vol. 1, they've created a monster album of rock energized melodic heavy metal. Those last five words describe efficiently the songs within, and there's simply not a single bad song here. (However, I will let you judge the Lady Gaga cover for yourself: it's more rock and less dance music.) Good melody, harmony, catchy hooks in arrangements and lyrics grab you in every song. These are bolstered by strong vocals, expertly crafted and placed keyboards, and burning guitar solos. Frozen, Bring It All Now, the anthem Return to Me, and Written in the Sky are just a few examples. But the one song that wraps everything together is hugely impressive and catchy First to Go, Last to Know, which features a duet with Udo Dirkschneider and Marco Hietala. On the lighter, tongue-in-cheek, side is the song M.I.L.F., which may or may not be about what you think: Mother, I Like Flowers. Bottom line: Lazy Bonez's Vol. 1 is premium material, hugely entertaining rock energized melodic metal. Strongly recommended.

Lazy Bonez - Frozen Love (Official Video) - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

In Short

Lazy Bonez's Vol. 1 is premium material, hugely entertaining rock energized melodic metal. Strongly recommended.

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