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Vaudeville: Vendetta
Vaudeville Vendetta Review

Vaudeville: Vendetta

Modern/Alternative Melodic Hard Rock

Perhaps stealing a page, and some fire, from the likes of Muse, Radiohead, and even U2, is Minneapolis modern rock band, Vaudeville with their second effort Vendetta. While modern alternative and indie rock can seem predictable and homogenous, there's something to Vaudeville's sound that even impressed this traditional hard rock fan.

Listen:: Vaudeville's Vendetta (official video).

One thing is that Vaudeville works from that simple foundation of melodic hard rock, classic or modern; melody and harmony are at the fore here. Another characteristic, negatively, is that they seem to have little interest in being hardcore, heavy at times, yes, but not harsh, something which infects most modern hard rock and metal. This feature also goes to the vocal style of Christopher Gummeson, who has that dreamy to dreary to passionates style that hipster chicks dig.

Yet, common to some modern melodic rock in this day are dense, seemingly immensely layered, arrangements, which Vaudeville champions. They use both guitar and synthesizers to create their own wall of sound. Actually, the guitar style and riffs remind of a supersized version of the Edge. Listening to Bitter Prophecy, by example, you might call this a guitar driven album, but that's too reductionist. Songs like Into the Mouth of Madness, Tainted Passerby, Attack, or White Light are simply immense with guitar, synths, and rhythm section combining in grand style. That latter song and the latter half of Into the Mouth of Madness have a symphonic quality. Only with V and The Messenger does Vaudeville back down on that lush style.

The bottom line: Vaudeville's Vendetta is a very good album of melodic modern hard rock from a young and aspiring band. Recommended.

In Short

The bottom line: Vaudeville's Vendetta is a very good album of melodic modern hard rock from a young and aspiring band.

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