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Stone Bullet: Stone Bullet
Stone Bullet 2012 Review

Stone Bullet: Stone Bullet

(Melodic) Hard Rock

Stone Bullet comes from Vermont. Can you think of a famous band from the 'Green Mountain' state? Phish doesn't count as they're just a Grateful Dead clone. Guitarist Joe Perry hails form Vermont, and Stone Bullet counts Aerosmith as an influence. Now we're on to something.

Stone Bullet Band Photo

Above, Stone Bullet: somebody couldn't find his pants for the photo shoot.

Mostly, Stone Bullet is an American hard rock band, in the very best, and traditional, sense. A good rock groove, catchy hooks and melody, slick guitar work wrapped in a barroom brawl motif defines this band. Their debut is a totally DIY effort, gaining support and much needed funds from the whole Kickstarter thang.

Basically, this album rocks, from start to finish. It has some real accessibility, a requirement for good hard rock, and notable on Angelina, Alive n' Kickin, the spry and radio-friendly Vicious Dreams, and clever, bit nasty, Drinkin' In Hell and No Tell Motel. You can hear some simple blues influences on Your Problems, a relatively average tune. I'm guessing this song, and the rest sound freakin' awesome in a live context.

While this is classic American hard rock, it also defies current sensibilities. This is not emo, screamo, post-grunge, or typical alt/indie music fare. I'm sure Stone Bullet has their fans, but they're bucking against the current tide. Well, hell yeah, that's a good thing. This work is not novel or conventional, and it's not necessarily the grandest thing going, but its refreshing and dangerous. I dig that, and you should too: so screw the establishment.


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In Short

Stone Bullet's debut album, a total DIY project, suggests, against current trends, that classic American hard rock is not dead. While not the most grand hard rock revival, attitude, hooks and melody, and fiery guitar work are at a premium. We need more of this.

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