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Seed of Sadness: Seed of Sadness (EP)
Seed of Sadness EP 2012 Review

Seed of Sadness: Seed of Sadness (EP)

Melodic/Symphonic/Power Metal

Seed of Sadness is a young melodic and symphonic power metal band from Greece. Though the band is young, the players are experienced and proficient musicians. In less than a year they've crafted ten songs, releasing five of them on this self-titled EP. That's all rather ambitious for this upstart band. Even more interesting is that they got notable Greek player Bob Katsionis (Firewind/Outloud) to play keyboards and mix the album.

Seed of Sadness Band Photo

Seed of Sadness:: not happy.

Fundamentally, these are five strong songs of melodic power metal, greatly enhanced by the addition of the keyboard layer, written and arranged by guitarist Jimmy Nore, and played expertly by Katsionis. The synthesizers provide a great symphonic atmosphere.

Nevertheless, over the keyboards, you get Stelleria's strong vocal performance. She's not necessarily operatic, therefore not melodramatic. There's a certain tone to her voice, however, that reminds, at times, of a hard rock singer, perhaps akin to a Pat Benatar. Equally impressive is Jimmy Nore's guitar work. He plays traditional rock and metal guitar licks, shredding when necessary. You might hear some of his inspiration, Steve Vai, in his work.

However, that aforementioned element, Katsionis on keyboards, may prove to be the most problematic feature of this band and these songs. Simply, how will they duplicate this live? Obviously, Katsionis is merely a guest and not a member, and considering the depth of the arrangements and his skillfull execution, who will SoS find to fill this major slot?

Regardless of my speculation and queries, Seed of Sadness's five song EP is a solid and entertaining first effort of melodic symphonic power metal from a promising band. Recommended.

In Short

Seed of Sadness's five song EP is a solid and entertaining first effort of melodic symphonic power metal from a promising band. Recommended.

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