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Iron Mask: Hordes of the Brave (Reissue)
Iron Mask - Hordes of the Brave Reissue Review

Iron Mask: Hordes of the Brave (Reissue)

Heavy/Power Metal

Lion Music reaches into their back catalogue to reissue Hordes of the Brave, the second album from guitarist Dushan Petrossi's Iron Mask project. I'm not quite sure why the label didn't start with the first title, Revenge Is My Name. Perhaps that's the queue for a future release.

Dushan Petrossi Photo

Dushan Petrossi: go ahead, make him blink.

As with any Iron Mask album, or Petrossi lead project, you can expect nothing to be subtle or done half-way. Petrossi always pulls out all the stops to give the listener melodic power metal of heroic proportion. Such is the case with Hordes of the Brave but, if you already have the original, or any Iron Mask album for that matter, your already know this.

Essentially, this reissue is here for those who didn't get it the first time. Sometimes, the label and band will add additional bonus tracks, like longer versions or acoustic renditions of songs. Lion Music did this with the Consortium Project reissues. But that's not the case here, and that's likely the reissue's only flaw.

Otherwise, this is killer melodic power metal, from a guy who knows how to get it done and also plays some mean guitar. Best tracks: Freedom's Blood, Alexander the Great (which the title refers to), Crystal Tears, and Iced Wind of the North. Recommended.

In Short

Dushan Petrossi and Iron Mask's Hordes of the Brave is killer melodic power metal, from a guy who knows how to get it done and also plays some mean guitar.

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