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WolfSpring: WolfSpring
WolfSpring Jean-Pierre Louveton new music review

WolfSpring: WolfSpring

Progressive Rock/Metal
Rating: 4.5/5.0

My unfamiliarity with many French rock and metal bands is not due to lack of interest. Many simply don't get the attention or push to this side of the Atlantic. That's a real shame because Wolfspring, the side project Nemo guitarist and vocalist Jean-Pierre Louveton, is fine progressive rock. Mixing classic prog with some slight metal edges here and there, Louveton and WolfSpring draw deeply from their forbears like Genesis and Pink Floyd and his own work in Nemo.

Several elements catch your attention immediately. First, the atmosphere of the work venture between ethereal and airy to symphonic. But then WolfSpring can turn the tables with more a more upbeat and uptempo piece of clever melodic rock on Mutation. Second, the vocal arrangements have been given priority with persuasive layers throughout. Finally, Louveton inspires with savvy and strong fret work, especially on The Haunting, 24/7, and Howling with the Banshee

Some prog purists will delight in the instrumentals Carpathian, with a heavier and strong presentation befitting its title, and Howling with the Banshee, which can do the exact opposite with it sublime and soothing movements. With Mutation, The Haunting, and Train's Gone, these are probably my favorite pieces on the substantial and entertaining disc. Jean-Pierre Louveton's WolfSpring project is inviting and impressive prog rock, with lots to inspire the listener. It's made even better by the fact that is an entirely English language project, making Louveton's work more accessible to more people across the globe. Strongly recommended. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

In Short

Jean-Pierre Louveton's WolfSpring project is inviting and impressive prog rock, with lots to inspire the listener.

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