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New! Premium Review Service

If you're an unsigned independent band doing your own self-promotion, or a PR agency, you may be interested in our Dangerdog Premium Review Service. For a reasonable fee of $40.00 (per review), I will guarantee a review your EP or album, in a timely manner.

What You Get
  • Your album will be placed at the head of line, reviewed before other submissions, specifically other unsigned indie acts, and artists from other PR agents, who did not pay for this service.
  • An honest, fair, and generally favorable review from Dangerdog Music Reviews, an internationally known and respected music review site. A review that you can use in current or future print or online promotions or ad campaigns.
  • Placement on Dangerdog Music Reviews, which receives better than 300 visits a day, nearly 12,000 visits a month, and consistently ranks high in Google SERP results (including individual reviews).
  • Placement on Dangerdog Music Reviews social media outlets, including Facebook and Twitter, increasing your Internet exposure.

What You Won't Get

  • A contrived, slobbering, and ego-boosting review so sickenly positive that it defies credulity, and insults both you and the reader. This is why I preview material before considering them for review. I don't want to compromise my integrity, nor waste my time or your hard earned money.
How It Works
  • After reviewing all the details, submit your inquiry to Craig Hartranft, Managing Editor, via craig [at] with the following information:
    • Contact Name:
    • Band Name:
    • Album Name:
    • Release Date:
    • Label (if signed):
    • Genre:
    • Similar Artists:
    • Preview Site/Website:
    • Any additional relevant information:
  • Upon approval, you will receive: a link to pay for your review via PayPal, and a mailing address for physical materials or email address for EPKs.
  • Once you have made you payment, immediately mail your material to me or send your digital EPK via email (see guidelines below).
  • Your material will be reviewed within 21 days of reception, in the order it was received with the other premium review clients.
  • You agree, when using the review in whole or in part, to identify the review or any quote from the review as from 'Dangerdog Music Reviews' with a back link to the site or the review.
Submission Guidelines
  • Professionally produced EPs or full-length CDs will be reviewed. Submission should include, in an email, cover art, band photos, and info or one-sheet.
  • Electronic Press Kit (EPK) with complete album may be accepted by prior approval for artists and labels outside North America. The sound files must be highest quality: 320 Kbps. If they are not, your work will not be reviewed and your fee will NOT be refunded. The EPK must include complete album, cover art, band photos, and info or one-sheet.
  • Demos, incomplete CDs, homemade CDRs, or streaming material will NOT be considered for any amount of money!.
  • The playing field remains level: paying for a review does not mean that you get a better or more positive review, or a higher score; it does mean you will get an honest, fair, and generally favorable opinion. (This is why I first preview what I will review. I don't want to waste my time and your hard-earned cash on something that I would not normally find appealing.)
  • Your material will be reviewed in the order it was received among the other Premium Review Service clients.
  • EPK sound files not recieved in the high quality 320 Kbps format will not be reviewed, and your fee will not be refunded.
  • The fee is non-refundable for any reason. Period.
What We Review

The heavy metal and melodic hard rock genre can be difficult to define with no one artist wishing to be pigeon-holed or misrepresented. With that caveat, DMR will review albums from the following categories:

  • Hard Rock
  • Heavy Rock
  • Melodic Hard Rock
  • Progressive Rock
  • Alternative/Modern Melodic Rock
  • Blues Rock
  • Glam/Sleaze Rock/Metal
  • Adult/Album Oriented Rock (AOR)
  • Punk Rock
  • Traditional/Classic Heavy Metal
  • Melodic Metal
  • Progressive Metal
  • Power Metal
  • Symphonic/Gothic Metal
  • (Melodic) Thrash/Speed Metal
Generally, DMR will NOT review:
  • Most anything that has 'core' in its description
  • Most anything where the primary vocals are death/black/hardcore vocals
  • Electronica
  • Hip Hop, Rap, and related nonsense
  • Dance/Club Music
  • Country, Bluegrass, and its variations
  • Nu/Rap Metal
  • Ambient Rock/Metal
  • Industrial Metal
  • Death Metal
  • Black Metal
  • Grindcore
  • Deathcore
  • Hardcore
  • Anything that promotes or glorifies hatred or violence against any race, creed, or religion (especially Christianity).


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