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Blind Existence: Hurricane (EP)
Blind Existence Hurricane EP CD Album Review

Blind Existence: Hurricane (EP)

Progressive Metal

Blind Existence rises out of the ashes of Italy's Farther Paint, formed by Francesco Federici (guitar), Gabriele Manocchi (keyboards) and Monia Rossi (vocals). The four song EP Hurricane drops in advance of a full-length album due later this year.

Blind Existence Band Photo

Blind Existence

Alright, to be honest, I did not like this album at the start, on the first spin. In the first song, All I've Left Behind, a little less in the second song, Hurricane, you're met head on with an abundance of quirky keyboards and synths. It's like a synth apocalypse. Manocchi pulled out all the stops, seemingly to overwhelm you. I like keyboards as much as the next guy, but when they snap, crackle, widdle and whirl like the soundtrack from some poorly made Fifties sci-fi b-movie, I'm not interested. Then, though melodic and clean, you can't really understand anything Rossi is singing. (She sounds a lot like the chick from Glass Delirium.) Lyrics would be helpful. And if they're not dropping crazy synth stuff, BE offers heaviness and speed, tempo and time signature fluctuations in those first two songs that, at times, seem maddening. But those are the first two songs.

With Strangers you get something more accessible, rather than massive prog wonkery, and the guitar shows up to play. It's a massive guitar-centered song, putting the keys and synths in their proper place. It's the best song here. As for the finale, You Confuse Me, it's heavy again with the guitar reduced to riffage alone and the keys rising in the latter half. But it also seems to vocal-centered song. As with All I've Left Behind, Ms Rossi is rather pitched and raging on this one too.

By way of conclusion? First, I can honestly say, I only liked one song, Strangers. Second, considering the varied awkwardness of the song composition, I haven't a clue of what to expect in the forthcoming long player. What shall I prophesy? Disappointment or elation. I'm not sure. Maybe the should have named the EP after the song You Confuse Me.

Blind Existence Hurricane EP Trailer

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In Short

Blind Existence's EP Hurricane is progressive metal, long on odd and quirky keyboards, and short on my interest. Of four songs, I liked one. What does that tell you?

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