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Lawless Hearts: Creatures of Habit EP
Lawless Hearts - Creatures of Habit EP CD Album Review

Lawless Hearts: Creatures of Habit EP

Melodic Hard Rock

Because of the familial relationships within the band and their sound, the comparisons are inevitable. Florida's Lawless Hearts is formed around brother sister duo vocalist Alex Marie and lead guitarist Michael Thomas; they have no last names. And they've been raiding their daddy's record collection as Lawless Hearts basically put a modern spin on classic melodic hard rock. Yup. Is Lawless Hearts merely another Halestorm?

Lawless Hearts Creatures of Habit EP Band Photo

Lawless Hearts

Maybe so. Maybe not. After several spins of their brief EP Creatures of Habit, I wonder if really matters. Or if the band really matters. The band has this distinct sharp tone to their music, something that carries over every song. Much of this comes from the bro-sis (new word, I just made up) combination. She has this high sharp sound, almost somewhere between a screech and a whine, close to fingernails on a chalkboard. And big brother seems to tune his guitar to her pitch, which causes a problem. While Alex Marie sings clean, she's not all that understandable to begin with, so the guitar line merely accentuates the lack of clarity.

To his credit, Michael Thomas can play that guitar. His tone, though sharp, is reminiscent of the best of classic rock, maybe even some memory of Slash. Nevertheless, excepting possibly that, the four songs here basically run together, sounding the same. The exception is possibly Oblivion, which dials back on the edge, even softening it some. Fundamentally, I don't know if, in the future, I could listen to a whole ten-song album of their music. But that's just me. Check out the title cut below and make up your own mind.

Lawless Hearts - Creatures of Habit

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In Short

Lawless Hearts, at it's core, is a brother/sister duo putting a modern spin on classic hard rock. Can you say, Halestorm?

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