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Reese: Under The Carpet (EP)
Reese Under The Carpet EP CD Album Review

Reese: Under The Carpet (EP)

Melodic/Alternative/Progressive Rock

Established in 2006, Reese is an Italian band mixing melodic, alternative, and progressive rock. Through various personnel changes over the years the band has still been able to release three EPs. The third and latest is before us: Under The Carpet, with only three songs.

Reese Under The Carpet Band Photo

Reese: out from under the carpet.

My first observation, or question, is why only three songs, and did they do the same with past two EPs? Perhaps it's simply all that the band can pull together in a year. Or, maybe they realize that's all the listener can really stomach at one time. The production is sloppy, the vocals muddy, nearly unintelligible, and the songs sound like a hodge-podge of ideas patched together. By the way, that's not a definition of progressive rock.

But maybe that's what Reese needs to do: decide whether they want to be a mediocre alt rock band or a mediocre prog rock band. Doing both doesn't seem to be working for them. Conversely, even with the patchwork arrangement of Present, it does sound something like progressive rock, and is the most interesting(?) song here. The other tunes not so much; the attempt is made with questionable results. Between the vocals and befuddling arrangements, I had to stop listening repeatedly because the music kept screwing with my writing process. Not good. When Reese plays live I hope they follow the pattern of this EP and play only three songs at a time, allowing the audience a 15 to 20 minute intermission to down several Jager shots before proceeding. Listen and decide for yourself as Reese did not impress. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

In Short

Listen and decide for yourself as Reese and the short EP Under The Carpet did not impress me.

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