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Red Circuit: Haze of Nemesis
Red Circuit - Haze of Nemesis CD Album Review

Red Circuit: Haze of Nemesis

Progressive Power Metal

Red Circuit is another band that's been absent from the studio for nearly five years, although they have been doing a modest amount of shows over the same amount of years. They return with their third album, Haze of Nemesis.

Red Circuit Haze of Nemesis Photo

Red Circuit

And Red Circuit basically stays the course offering a good mixture of melodic, heavy, and power metal with some progressive metal nuances. At the microphone once more is Chity Somapala and also sounding a bit more gritty when he ups the volume or pushes the register. Mostly he sways been moderately raw and generously smooth, often within the same song like Spear of Fate or My Lonely Heaven.

Spear of Fate is also an example of how Red Circuit can swing between something heavy and robust and something more melodic and accessible like Oceans Apart, which has an underlying rock groove. It's a very catchy, accessible tune. But there's a series of strong heavy metal numbers in the latter half of the album with Serpent's Smile, Silent Roaring, and the title cut. All are marked by strong riffs and a deep thumping rhythm section, then wrapped with some symphonic keyboards, to give them an even more bombastic feel. Chris Moser, for his part, adds even more drama with his fiery guitar solos.

There are two songs that are not so much out of character for Red Circuit but different and more interesting. The first is My World Collides a duet with Amanda Somerville, basically a symphonic ballad with Somapala displaying his best smooth and melodic vocals. The guitar solo kills, too. The other song is the nearly ten minute opus My Serenade. It's an ambitious progressive power metal number, being symphonic, speedy in parts, and largely robust and bombastic. It's probably a song they should play live.

And speaking of live, another good reason for a fan to buy this CD is that it comes with a bonus DVD featuring high definition videos from their performance at 2011 ProgPower Festival in Atlanta. Additionally, there's a nice cover of Deep Purple's Soldier of Fortune, with Somapala at his most passionate.

RED CIRCUIT "Oceans Apart" Official Video 2014

RED CIRCUIT -- "Homeland" Live at the PROG POWER USA XII - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

In Short

Red Circuit's Haze of Nemesis offers fans another salvo of their ambitious progressive power metal.

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