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Persuader: The Fiction Maze
Persuader The Fiction Maze CD Album Review

Persuader: The Fiction Maze

Thrash Power Metal

Sweden's Persuader has been AWOL for nearly seven years, despite having some success with several studio albums, touring, and festival appearances. Much of this was due to the bankruptcy of their former label. Now the band returns with a full platter of new material, The Fiction Maze.

Persuader The Fiction Maze Band Photo

Persuader: taking a break.

Much like earlier material, this album is pretty much raging power metal. By raging I mean a significant thrash metal element that accompanies quick pace associated with power metal. Between the riff slammage and the blistering pace, most everything here is simple aggressive power metal. Even when a song begins with a moderate pace, as does Son of Sodom, by example, the pace eventually quickens, and the heavy metal slammage begins. But compared to War or The Fiction Maze, it's still one of the slower songs here. Add to this Jens Carlsson' svocals which are often raging, raw, and hardcore, and Persuader develops into power metal Kraken, something sometimes to hard to digest.

Unfortunately, all this assertive thrash power metal angst in the arrangements makes most every song on The Fiction Maze sound the same, repetitive, and predictable. Alternatively, while blistering, melody remains, often brought forward by the vocal arrangements, and the guitar leads, though brief and quick, add spice to the compositions. Good example of this is within Sent to the Grave. Given the intensity of The Fiction Maze, I found listening best done in portions, like a third at a time. Yet, my waning interest in thrash metal over the last several years likely contributes to some of my disinterest for the album. Conversely, Persuader's thrash metal reflects more old school style than modern, which is a very good thing. Fans of the band and those who like their power metal more thrash metal aggressive should check out Persuader's The Fiction Maze. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

In Short

Fans of the band and those who like their power metal more thrash metal aggressive should check out Persuader's The Fiction Maze.

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